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2014 Nov – Kyoto

We went to Kyoto unprepared because we are still monitoring the autumn leaves in Japan. We were a bit early for autumn. We made our itinerary on the day itself. … Continue reading

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2014 Nov – Universal Studios Japan

The main reason we went here is to explore the harry potter area of USJ. Went here on a weekday so that the line will be shorter. It is a … Continue reading

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2014 Nov – Osaka Minoh Falls

Went to Minoh Falls on our first day in Japan. This falls is not really a very popular tourist spot but is worth it to visit. I was not informed … Continue reading

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2014 Oct – Kamana Sanctuary

I have been thinking of going to this resort for years already but I do not have the time. Finally, I now have the time to visit this resort. The … Continue reading

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2014 Aug – Villa Escudero Day Tour

Went to Villa Escudero to tour our Singaporean friend. Since we do not have the time to check in overnight, we decided to have a day tour instead. From the … Continue reading

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2014 June – Canyon Cove

Went to Canyon Cove with friends. Was a little bit disappointed because they do not allow the use of tripod inside the resort. How can you take a nice complete … Continue reading

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2014 May – Phuket (Patong and Phi Phi Island)

Since I also wanted to try Patong beach area,  we decided to transfer here on our 3rd day. It was rainy the whole afternoon. Our elephant trek was also cancelled … Continue reading

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