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2014 May – Phuket (Nai Yang and KaronBeach)

Arrived in Phuket at midnight. So I decided to stay for 1 night in a resort nearby. Phuket airport is so busy that it took us more than an hour to get to the immigration. So many tourist.

Airport Resort. 5 mins drive from the airport. They also have free shuttle service from and to the airport. 100 meters away from Nai Yang beach.



free breakfast


Nai Yang Beach. It is very quiet here. Although based on some reviews, there are times when this beach is full of kite-borders. Maybe today is not the season for kite boarding. =(


Went back to the airport to get a shared mini van. If you are traveling alone or as a couple, traveling by shared mini van is the cheapest. But you have to wait for the mini van to be full. And on the way to your hotel, you will need to go down to a travel agency where you will be asked on what hotel you are going then they will also offer tour packages with them. Just be nice and say no if you don’t want to. =) They do not force you to get tour packages in their travel agency.


Centara Grand Beach Resort. There are 4 centara grands in Phuket, the one where we stayed is  in front of Karon Beach.


The shuttle to our room. Yes, the driver is a girl ^_^


Private plunge pool in our room ❤ The main reason why I booked here. =p


late lunch. I’m a pizza/pasta person. Every time we go out of country, I usually like to have at least one meal that is consist of pizza and pasta =D


Went to see the beach area. Didn’t swim because it is SO hot! =( And it’s already around 3.30pm. Didn’t see any Asian tourist around either. Most of us went out and swim at 5pm. hahaha =D



Since it is very hot outside., we just stayed here while waiting for the sun to go down


lazy river!


the art of doing nothing =p So many day beds scattered in the whole resort.  Perfect spot to relax ^_^


After swimming ( I got lazy to take pictures while exploring the swimming pools >.<). We went to this little restaurant at the end of the Kamala beach. Based on the reviews that I read, This is the best restaurant in Kamala area. And yes! it’s true. Food is sooo delicious. I am so loving everything they serve here. Daeng Restaurant!


Day 2

late breakfast! It is so awesome that this Centara’s buffet breakfast runs from 6am to 11am. Good for those who wants to wake up a little late =D


back to my favorite place ❤


late lunch at Daeng’s restaurant. I wanna try all of their food! haha20140521_164007


Pad Thai! My favorite! I always order one everytime we eat! haha.


Centara Grand from afar


After eating we decided to stay on the beach for a while.



Centara Grand at our back


The obligatory jump shot ^_^


The beach here is clean and clear. One of the reasons why I decided to stay in Karon is because the beach here is cleaner than that of Patong Beach  area (based on the reviews)


Pool Area



I really love this place! will definitely check in here again when we come back. Too bad I only took pictures 2 of their pools. The place is so big. It is kind of tiring to go to other pool just to take picture. Most of time I leave my camera in the room. I am here to actually enjoy the view ^_^


After 6pm. They put all their floaters and boards in the swimming pool for free of use. I waited for about half an hour just to get one. =D tried yoga on this paddle board. It is hard! I was actually laughing at this paddle board because I thought it is the easiest one.  But doing yoga on board was actually harder than it looks.


last meal at daeng’s restaurant. =p


Day 3

Saying goodbye to centara after breakfast. Time to transfer to Patong Area. will blog about it soon. ^_^


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