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2014 May – Phuket (Patong and Phi Phi Island)

Since I also wanted to try Patong beach area,  we decided to transfer here on our 3rd day. It was rainy the whole afternoon. Our elephant trek was also cancelled because of the rain.

Our hotel for our last night in Phuket


Tried going to the beach when the rain stopped for a while.. But after a few mins the rain is back again T_T. Tried dipping my feet on the beach here. I suddenly got allergies. The beach in Karon is a lot cleaner than the beach here in Patong.


Good thing we have this in our balcony ❤


No more rain at night. yay ^_^ Patong area is known for partying and clubbing.


I really wanted to have a drink here. but husband doesn’t want to =))


Double six. Someone told me this is one of the best restaurant here in Patong. but it will take us hours before we can have a sit. So we decided to eat somewhere instead.


Did nothing much on our 3rd day. Was really disappointed that our elephant trek was cancelled due to the weather condition.

Day 4 –  Kho Phi Phi tour

Checked out early in our hotel because today is our last day here in Phuket. Left our baggage at the hotel because we have one last tour for the day. After checking out, we waited for our shuttle for the Kho Phi Phi island tour.

Went to this port for a little briefing on what to do and met our tour guide for the day.


Sat in front of the speedboat. It’s a wrong move! We were baked for the next 45 mins and I forgot to bring my sunblock! For Westerners this might be the best spot but for Asian like us.. nah..


Arrived at the first beach. (not sure if it is bamboo island) snorkeling time. not much fish on this island. This place is so hot with no shades nearby. So please don’t forget to bring sunblock!




So hot that we decided to go back to the boat earlier than the others.


This time we sat at the back =p


Then went to mosquito island. This place is good for snorkeling! So many fishes!



Jumped from the speedboat in the middle of the sea.


Phi Phi Don for our free buffet lunch.


Shores of phi phi don


This monkey is so cute!!


On to the next spot!


Pileh Bay! look how sunburned I was. And nope, this is not the last stop.


We were allowed to jump from the front of the speedboat. I really had fun in this place and there are a LOT of shades! so yay for me =p


To the last spot! The Maya Bay where “The Beach” movie was filmed.


This place is so nice.


We hiked for around 15 mins to the back of Maya Bay to see a magnificent view. But didn’t get nice picture because there are so many people.


Rest a little before going back to Maya Bay.


We were already tired so we decided not to swim at Maya Bay anymore. We just sit near the mountains where there are a lot of shades. (You can actually see a lot of Asian on this side of the beach haha)


Goodbye Maya Bay! time to go back to the hotel.


Even though we were already checked out. The hotel still allowed us to use some of it’s facilities. ❤ There is no dressing room back at the port. We were still a little bit damp when we sat at the shuttle van going back to the hotel.


last meal before going home. It’s blurred but I’m tired to take another shot again.




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