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2014 Nov – Kyoto

We went to Kyoto unprepared because we are still monitoring the autumn leaves in Japan. We were a bit early for autumn. We made our itinerary on the day itself. And yes, all we need is a map and we are ready to go ❤


First stop. Arashiyama

02 03

Pigeons everywhere




To be honest I am not really feeling well on this day. I wasn’t ready for all the hiking we did on our first day and all the walking we did on our 2nd day here in Japan. My feet hurts so much that I just wanted to just sit somewhere. I was not even in the mood to take pictures. =( We were suppose to enter a lake garden here But I decided to just stay outside and sit.. Aww too bad the bamboo forest was inside that garden and I didn’t have the chance to see it.

Somewhere on a train station going to Toie Museum. From here on, I feel a little better after resting for few hours outside the garden.


Toie Musuem


how can you go here without taking a picture like this? =D the kid in me strikes again ^_^


I so love the ambiance of this place


Ninjas and Geisha. There are also some Samurai walking around the area. You can also dress up as a Ninja and Samurai but we do not have time for that. =(


I love this shot =))


and of course, Jump shot!


Goodbye Toie Museum. We need to catch the next bus going to Eikando Temple. Seriuosly 1 day in Kyoto is not really enough.


Eikando Temple

Well, the trees are not as red as we expect it to be. But oh well at least some trees are already turning red.



It was kind of hard to shoot at night without a tripod.




Saying goodbye to Kyoto. We were in a rush to go back to Osaka because we might miss the last train going back.. >.<



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