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2014 Nov – Universal Studios Japan

The main reason we went here is to explore the harry potter area of USJ. Went here on a weekday so that the line will be shorter. It is a weekday and yet we still queue for 1 hr to almost 2 hrs per ride. I was told that during weekends, queuing for the Harry Potter and the forbidden journey ride is around 3 hrs!.


As soon as we get inside. We hurriedly go to the Harry Potter timed entry ticket booth. Yes, you need to get another ticket for harry potter (no extra payment for that). This place is always jam packed that is why you need to get a timed entry ticket first before you can get inside. It is only 10.30am when I took this ticket and yet 3pm onwards are all fully booked already.


While waiting for the time, we went to wonderland first since this is the nearest attraction from the Harry Potter. The queue for this ride is short (around 30 mins) so we ended up riding the carousel. ^_^


Finally! at the entrance of Harry Potter!


Hogwarts Express =D


Spent too much time on this place. I was looking for a time turner necklace. Didn’t find any at all. =(


Waited a bit long to get this picture. Always full of people.


And of course, I wouldn’t leave without trying a butter beer. It doesn’t contain any alcohol at all (safe for kids) and tastes like carbonated butterball candy.


Queued almost 2 hrs for this! and it is worth it! best simulator ever! (Sorry USS’ transformers =p)


Owl!!! but we arrived a bit late. It’s already rest time for this cute little owl. =(


Goodbye Harry Potter!


The place is so big and for sure we can not try all the rides in 1 day. So we have to choose which ride we should prioritize.


found my husband’s favorite. Ribs!!


2 days ago. This place is for the resident evil. huhu too bad Halloween theme is already finish when we arrive at Japan. =( Will definitely be back during their Halloween theme this year or next year =p


spiderman. One of the ride that we prioritize =p


Was too excited for hello kitty foods. But didn’t know they ran out of stock easily. Went here to eat snack (around 4pm) and everything is out of stock. Even the cupcakes at the other Hello Kitty shop is closed already because no more stock. =(


So I ended up eating this cheesecake instead. and it was one of the yummiest cheesecake that I had!!


Baskin and Robbins ❤ was about to eat here but we have no time anymore. =( I need to be in shinsaibashi at around 8pm so that I can buy coat for tomorrow.. brrr it is freezing..


Goodbye USJ! Till we meet again ❤



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