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2014 March – La Union

Me and my cousin’s out of town trip without our parents. =D My parents dislike it when a girl drives. Most of my cousins are girls that is why it is kind of hard for us to arrange a road trip because our parents will usually disapprove. But this time my husband is driving for us that is why we were allowed to go. =p


The trip is around 7 hours. So most of us are sleeping on the way except for my husband.


I booked in kahuna resort in La Union. As far as I know this resort is the best surfing area resort here in La Union. (I think thunderbird poro point is not in a surfing area). The resort is really nice but I had a problem about checking in. It turns out that their reservation has a glitch. The poolside house that I reserved was already reserved by other people. So we were given a different room instead. >.<

In front of our room. I don’t have the picture of the interior but it is actually nice. The bathroom also has a balinese feel.


Daybeds! I had a thing for daybeds. It’s so relaxing >.<


Enjoying our welcome drinks =D


After this some of my cousins wants to experience the wave first before trying out surfing. Most of them are first timers. Everyone can swim but not in these kind of wave. ^_^


It’s surfing time! The common thing about us is that we all love water activities. =D (the following pictures are all me. I don’t have a copy of their surfing pictures >.<)


After surfing! My first time to actually try the GoPro after putting it in water. I should have put a rain guard to prevent this kind of problem. (Some says licking the lens will also solve the problem) >.<


It turns out that GoPro is not good in low light either >.<


Enjoying the pool at night




Day 2

After eating breakfast. Some of us decided to do body boarding. The others are still tired from yesterday’s activity. They prefer to just relax in the beach area while we body board.

While waiting for our board. Manong gave us a discount since we will be only using it for less than an hour.


woohoo! This is also fun =p Some surfers are actually irritated of the body boarders. Oh common the beach is for every one to enjoy.


Photoshoot =D


We only have 2 restrooms. So while the others are preparing, we decided to swim in the pool.


The water in the pool is so clear.  It’s nice to do underwater shots here.


such a lovely view


goodbye kahuna! We had fun staying here ^_^




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