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2014 Nov – Osaka Minoh Falls

Went to Minoh Falls on our first day in Japan. This falls is not really a very popular tourist spot but is worth it to visit.

I was not informed that we were going to hike 2.6 kms for this. O.o I was not prepared because we arrived very late yesterday and didn’t sleep early because I wanted to walk around the town for a while.


the path going to the falls


Almost autumn. but not as autumn as we expected. We were a week early for autumn.

20141110_120012  20141110_140101

But at least some of the trees are already turning red. =)

20141110_140433  20141110_141248

maple leaf. They sell maple tempura here in Minoo Woods. It is delicious!! (Forgot to take a picture of the maple tempura)


Ice cream vendo! Doesn’t matter if the weather is cold. We need to eat one =D

IMG_20141110_112004 IMG_20141110_113220

takoyaki and umm I forgot the name of the other one.. but it also tastes like takoyaki. food trip while hiking =p

IMG_20141110_132145  20141110_131856

Minoo Falls and the rainbow at the bottom of the falls ❤

20141110_124640 20141110_125601 20141110_130026

Another ice cream before leaving. =p



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