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2014 March – Sentosa Island

Day 4  –  After staying in Orchard Road for 2 days. We decided to transfer to Sentosa Island since I plan to just stay in the island for the last 3 days.

Costa Sands Sentosa. This hotel is the cheapest one inside sentosa island. We stayed here since  I plan to go out the whole day and just return here to sleep. This hotel is not advisable for very picky person.


Almost in front of our hotel is a beach tram station. Use this if you are too lazy to walk around. [This is not the station in front of our hotel. Just a pic of a certain station =D]


The beach tram.


Our first stop is the Luge. My favorite thing to do here in Sentosa. We got ticket for 3 times round trip ride. Usually I start from the top. But this time since our hotel is at the bottom. We start at the bottom, rode the skyline to the top then luge on the way down. ^_^

The queue  to the skyline


At the end of the luge


After riding the luge, we walked around for a while but it is too hot. So we decided to go back to our hotel. But we experiment a bit. Didn’t ride the beach tram going back. We tried the shuttle bus but it turned out that we rode the wrong bus! Siloso beach but this is the other side of Siloso Beach. Our hotel is on the other end.


There are water sports available in front of our hotel. After resting for a few minutes went to the beach to look for some water activities. I was torn between trying out paddle boarding or flowrider. I tried the flowrider instead, we don’t have that in Manila. It is a lot different from surfing. I also wanted to try the flowbarrel but there is no one riding with me. Both rides need a minimum of 3 riders per session. Good thing there are other  riders in the flowrider area.


Day 5 – Universal Studio ❤


It was a very very hot day. I even bought a pink sprinkler with fan to cool myself while exploring universal studio with my husband.

A picture with Po ❤


One of the coolest ride here in Universal Studio Singapore. Riding this is a must. =D This is a simulation of Transformers. A lot better than 3D or 4D.

20140303_120350   20140303_131102

The human and cylon. My most favorite ride ever! And it is close =( There is a technical problem in this ride so they need to close it permanently. =( At least I had the chance to try this before.


The mummy! An indoor roller coaster. ^_^


with the crew of the water world


We were about to leave when we saw a queue near the exit. Turned out that it was a queue for pictorial with the minions. So we also fall in line and waited for the minions to arrive. Weee it was worth it! look how cute these two are =D When the minions arrive the queue is so long already! Good thing we were early in the line. ^_^


Day 6 – SEA Aquarium before going back to Manila.

Hot star for my breakfast =) It is yummier here in SG and in Taiwan compare to the one we have in Manila. >.<


SEA Aquarium



My sister in law touching the baby sharks. Can’t find my picture touching these baby sharks. It was kind of scary at first because of course these are sharks! But they do not bite at all. They are too little to bite your finger. Their skin is like soft rubber.


Group shot ^_^ The fishes keeps on getting away from us every time we take a photo. =))


Goodbye Singapore ^_^ Time to go home. Thank you to my sister in law and her husband for touring us in SG. We had a great time =)



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