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2014 Feb – A night in Marina Bay Sands

Went to Singapore for my sister in law’s wedding. We decided to stay for 1 night in Marina Bay Sands before transferring to the hotel where my sister in law’s wedding reception will take place.

Our flight was delayed (there is always traffic jam in Manila’s airport) so we arrived at the hotel a bit late, around 6pm. Upon checking in, we were given a free room upgrade. Yay! (maybe because of the late check in? I’m not sure either)

We now have a bigger room on a higher floor with a better view. =p


I love this mirror =p


the view from our room


There is a mall in front of the hotel. Very convenient for Marina Bay Sand’s guests. We decided to have dinner at the mall since it is the closest. Train station is also located nearby. You don’t need to go out of the building. So it is really convenient. =)

The reason why we stay in Marina Bay Sands? For the swimming pool! It is breathtaking! To be honest, without the hotel’s pool. Staying here is not worth it. It is very expensive! The room is just pretty normal.


It is windy up here and the water is a bit cold too!  Normally I would just sit at the side of the pool but this is Marina Bay Sands so I swim despite the coldness of the water. =p But there is hot jacuzzi on the other side. I only saw it in the morning. =( I should have walked to the other side first before dipping here.


The view from the pool is breathtaking!

20140227_222920 20140227_225239

The pool closes early, around 10pm. =( So we decided to walk around the area for a while.

With the gardens by the bay in the background. It is already close but it’s okay, I’m happy just by looking at it from the outside.


Helix bridge and the Singapore Flyer. Didn’t cross the bridge. I was too tired already.


Day 2

The morning view of the pool. So many people taking pictures.


my favorite spot! It is hard to get a spot in these day beds. Luckily We found one!


The view in the morning


The view at the other side with the gardens by the bay and the ocean. You can never appreciate Singapore’s ocean until you see it from this point of view.


The hot jacuzzi! Didn’t see this the night before =(  Perfect for a windy night. It is too hot in the morning.


After checking out. We decided to walk around the area first before transferring to Orchard Area. You can just leave your luggage at the hotel and get it later.

I was too lazy to walk and ride the train to the other side. We decided to take a water taxi. expensive but very convenient.


The view from water taxi. The back part of the water taxi doesn’t have a roof.  Good for sightseeing but very hot. After this picture, we transferred inside. =D


Didn’t take too much picture because it was so hot. Went to starbucks for an hour instead. Hello aircon and hello internet =D. Then we make our last stop around marina area. The merlion.


decided to take the train going back. Saw this shop on our way back. This shop is so cute ❤


After this we went back to the hotel and pick up our luggage then went to our hotel in orchard area. =) This experience is really awesome especially if you like swimming and looking at breathtaking view. ^_^



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