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2014 Feb – Pattaya Thailand

Booked our Thailand – Cambodia tour for my parent’s anniversary through a travel agency. I was kind of worried because it was my first time to book through a travel agency. (too lazy to make my own itinerary >.<) But it turned out pretty good and really worth our money. ^_^

A day before our tour, my dad backed out because of knee problem and I think he is kind of scared about Thailand’s rally at that time. According to the news there are many rally sites in Thailand and it was not safe. Totally wrong. it was actually pretty safe, didn’t even saw a single rally when I was there.

So happy to find out that we are actually part of a group tour. ( I thought it was only the 4 of us) We were greeted by our tour guide as soon as we got out of the airport.


Our flight was delayed for am hour. That is why we were in a rush to go to our first stop. The Sriracha tiger zoo.


The show starts at 11am. We arrived when the show is almost finish, well at least we still saw a few tricks of their tigers.


at the end of the show. its napping time for the tigers.


The negative side of getting a group tour is that you don’t hold your own time. If the guide said we need to go to another show. You have no choice but to go with them. Although it is kind of convenient because you just need to follow the guide, no room for getting lost on a place you are not familiar with.

Since we were late, we didn’t have enough time to roam inside the tiger zoo. Just a little picture here and there and then we are off to another place.



Cultural show at Nong Nooch Village


Elephant show at Nong Nooch Village.These elephants were playing soccer. Some know how to paint, ride bicycle and dance to the tune of gangnam style.

10392274_10203127190251883_8084699191691390269_n 10404104_10203127189851873_1371607927208357459_n

You can also feed the elephants here. They are selling bananas for the elephants. I also tried the elephant lift. one of the elephants let me sit on his mouth. =D


Valentines Day is just around the corner ❤


Elephant trek. I am always amazed by elephant trekking. Already tried it before in Singapore Zoo but I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of riding one ^_^


Also went to silverlake. The view is amazing but we were tired already. No energy to roam around anymore.



The tour’s last stop for the day is the art in paradise.


11 12 13

so many pictures I don’t think I can post everything here. >.< And we were in a rush, some of the people from the group tour are hungry already. We were the last one to finish and everyone is waiting for us. =)) They are all hungry. >.<

After this we had a free dinner c/o the tour and then drop us off in our hotel. I was actually surprise that the hotel is actually pretty good. Group tour’s hotel are usually just for sleeping but our hotel even has a pool. Not bad for a budget tour.

Before sleeping, I need to go to hard rock shop to get my country pin collection. I was happy that the hard rock hotel is just walking distance from our hotel. Pattaya is a party city. This city is so alive at night. ❤


Day 2

Our group tour ^_^


Pattaya Beach, Not bad for a beach that is very near the city. But not as clear as I expected. We waited here for the speedboat that would take us to a much better place. Coral Island.


Before heading straight to coral island. We were dropped on a big boat where you can parasail.

03 05

Parasailing here in Pattaya is one of a kind. There is a runway where you should run then jump on the boat before going up in the air.


Coral Island. The water is crystal clear but it is a very commercialized island. Good for adventure seeking people. But I don’t think this is a very good place to relax. Look at those crowded chairs on the sand. But so many activities can be done here. =D jetski, banana boat, water skiing, and many many more ^_^ I actually enjoyed going here because I love water activities. (pardon my foggy pictures. my underwater cam is not functioning well >.<)

05a P1090033

Jetski. I didn’t enjoy riding this that much because mom keeps on yelling “slow down! slow down!” everytime I tried to accelerate this thing. >.<

P1090029 08

Water skii!!!! The most memorable activity that I tried in here. My first time to water skii. ❤ and it was easy and fun! will definitely try this again.



After having lunch, We went back to Pattaya to check out. Goodbye Coral Island!


Saying goodbye to Golden Beach Resort in Pattaya. We will move to Bangkok tonight. Yes I only have swimming pool pix of our hotel! haha forgot to take picture of the building itself. This is actually a budget hotel. but the rooms are so big and they have pool too. The breakfast is also good. You can pick western or indian breakfast.


Passed by the bee farm before heading home.


Yes these are live bees! one wrong handling of these thing and I’m dead >.<



Our buffet dinner serves pad thai! my favorite Thai food. ❤ so yummy!!!


Last group picture with our tour guide. The best tour guide ever! We were told to go out at 5.30 in the morning because there are more shops open by then. But my mom and I got lazy. It turned out that the most fashionable dresses can be found in the morning market. =( One of our tourmate actually woke up at 5.30am to look around in the morning market.


We didn’t have much time in Bangkok. Only eat, shop a little and sleep. Tomorrow we transfer to Cambodia. ^_^


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