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2014 Feb – Cambodia

Border Crossing from Bangkok to Cambodia. It was a headache. >.< The whole trip took us around 8 hours. Although the travel agency (alva travel) made it easier for us.

We rode a van from our hotel in bangkok to poipet border crossing for 3 hours or so. Then we waited inside the travel agency for our guide to arrive. After that we pass through the Bangkok immigration then a little walk again then go through the Cambodia immigration. There is no aircon the area. It was very hot and we carry our things in the whole process. After the cambodia immigration. We were told to ride a bus to a station where we ate our lunch and waited for our van that will bring us to siem reap. Another 3 hours or so.


At last we arrived at the hotel^_^


Our tour guide told us that we should try to go to the night market after we rest. I was hesitant to go at first because we were tired. but after resting for a few hours. We went. =)

tuktuk ride to the market. I was actually amazed by this country because everyone accepts dollar. I think people here even prefer to get paid by dollar rather by their own money.


I was not disappointed in their night market. It was one of the best night market I went to. So many food to try. So many things to see. And so many tourist around.


massage ❤ We really need this. Husband didn’t want a massage, instead he went for a walk while me and my mom pampers our feet.


shabu shabu for our dinner. So many restaurant here. We had a hard time choosing where to eat.


We also tried the magic ice cream.


Day 2

Another tiring day! Usually people visit 1 temple a day here in siem reap. But we visit ALL in 1 day! lol We ended up not finishing the tour and wanting to just go back to the hotel because the oldies can not walk anymore =(

Group tour to angkor wat.


With the lake and the angkor wat at our back



look at the details of these carvings.


inside angkor wat



the stairs going to the temple. It is so steep. I had a hard time going down. shorts and sleeveless shirts aren’t allowed inside. That is why I brought leggings with me.


goodbye angkor wat!


Ta Phrom temple. Also known as tomb raider.


The view inside the temple. I had to change clothes because it is soooo hot! My previous clothes turned out like it came from a washing machine without drying it. lol.

20140209_131446  20140209_132938

Since this is “tomb raider” I tried doing some of my tricks. The butterfly kick =p


After this we went to Angkor Thom. But I don’t have the energy to take pictures anymore. We didn’t even finish the tour because everyone is so tired. Maybe we got tired easily because of the hot weather. I should have brought breezy clothes instead.

Went back to our hotel. It weather here is so hot good thing our hotel has a pool.


We decided to go to the night market one last time. But it was still hot outside. We ended up eating ice cream. Also saw a hard rock cafe the near night market. Too bad it is still under construction. I want a siem reap hard rock pin. =(


Cultural Show + Buffet dinner before going back to manila ^_^




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  1. tinkerbelle86
    July 15, 2014

    Oh wow. Cambodia is on my 2015 list, I’m so excited!

  2. Bean Bag Travels
    July 15, 2014

    Reblogged this on Bean Bag Travels.

  3. honesthotelandcityreviews
    July 15, 2014

    Loving the pictures

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