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2014 Feb – Pico de Loro

One of our suppliers gave us a free stay at their condo inside Pico de Loro. ^_^ Pico de Loro is a membership resort. But if you are not a member, you can still go inside if you have a friend who owns a unit or you can stay in their hotel.


the view from the clubhouse is amazing


The infinity pool in the clubhouse

IMG_20140201_154931    IMG_20140201_155142


Night time in the clubhouse


I didn’t swim. It’s too cold T_T

20140201_213100 20140201_213934

Panorama view of the pool


Day 2

the path going to the chapel (yes they have a chapel inside. And there is a mass every sunday. )


The view from the chapel is breathtaking


at the beach


day beds at the beach. At peak season, I don’t think these will be enough >.<


we decided to ride the speedboat


before we go home, I decided to try wind surfing. At first the instructor is kind of hesitant if I can raise the sail. So he said that I should try to raise it first before getting a lesson.


It is HEAVY! my instructor needs to help me raise it.


I find it also hard to keep it up. But I still enrolled anyway. haha


After about half an hour. I can now raise it without the help of my instructor and I can now control the whole board where to go =p


Wish I can go back here again. ^_^




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