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2013 Dec – Club Balai Isabel

I can’t think of something to give my parents this Christmas. So I decided to book in Club Balai Isabel as a Christmas gift to them =)

Our Balcony

isabel 01

The rooms here in club balai is big enough  and you can also cook inside. [I don’t have photos of the room. I forgot to take a photo inside T_T]

While my parents decided to bike around the area. Me and my husband tried to explore by foot

isabel 02

isabel 07

isabel 02b

one of the pool area

isabel 03

raft =) but we didn’t used it. We just took photos =)) The water in the lake is dirty. Not good for swimming. Some people expect so much from the lake that is why most are disappointed. Although the resort offers some water activities in the lake like kayak and jet ski in the lake.

isabel 04

sunset ❤

isabel 05

isabel 06

I was looking all over for their floating swimming pool. Found out that the floating swimming pool is available only during summer. They remove it during off peak. =(  It was supposedly in this area.

isabel 08

Night time near the pool. It’s Dec and it is sooo cold. I don’t intend to swim.

isabel 09

Buffet dinner by the pool. The food is so-so, nothing special but because it was also cheap it is okay =)

isabel 10

isabel 11

Day 2

I know we had a breakfast here but I don’t have a picture. So I’m not really sure at all if we ate breakfast >.<

Morning swim before we check out


The view is nice too bad they are setting up for an upcoming wedding. This is another down for this resort. If there is a wedding, that place will be off limit to other guest. There are certain spot here that is nice for photo but will not be accessible if there is a wedding on that spot.


The water in the pool is crystal clear. Very nice for underwater shots


at last! this space is now free for all =)) There was a wedding in this area the day before so I can’t take a photo in this area.

isabel 14

isabel 15

Last group picture before we leave

isabel 12


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