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2013 Nov – Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

I keep on seeing couples use this as their prenup place. So I got curious and asked my parents and my uncle if they wanted to go to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bataan. I heard that day tour is allowed here. ^_^

It is kind of far (no expressway direct to this place). It is a 3+ hours drive from Manila. So we arrived a bit late. So happy that they still allowed us to go in. The last day tour with tour guide starts at 2pm. People here are nice, since we were late for the tour. They just let us in without tour guide but our entrance fee which is 800 pesos became consumable in the restaurant inside.

Time Travel

las casas 01

Casa Mexico – As far as I remember this house serves as the main lobby.

las casas 02


las casas 03

The swimming pool.

las casas 04

las casas 05

The other side is not yet finish. They are building a church inside and additional houses on the other side.

las casas 06

las casas 08

I ❤ U. Sunset shot.

las casas 07

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos. Still practicing night shot using my Galaxy S4 Zoom.

las casas 09

las casas 10

dinner time! The food was actually nice and not as expensive as I thought.

las casas 11

nice presentation and yummy too!

las casas 12las casas 13

There is a photo shop here where you can rent clothes from old times. Too bad we only knew about it after dinner. It’s already closed T_T

las casas 14

Escolta at night. I really think Philippines was awesome way back in 70’s. look at these structures. Some journalist even says that Philippines was like Paris / London of the Asia way back then. >.<

las casas 15

Going here is a really good experience for us. My generation get to see the old Philippines and the older generations get to reminisce their childhood memories. ^_^

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