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2013 Oct – Bali Indonesia

Its been a while since we had a very relaxing trip. Whenever I go out of country. I usually do one of the following, tour or relax. For this trip, I just wanted to relax, sit back and enjoy the beach =)

I was looking at Cebu Pacific website and then found a promo ticket to Bali so I bought it . Hotels and transportation are always easy anyway. ^_^ Upon booking our hotel, I find it hard to pick which hotel we should stay, so many nice hotel in Bali. Since Kuta is the most popular, I decided to stay 1 night in Kuta and 2 nights in Seminyak area. (I really love hotel hopping. I don’t know why. >.<)  There are so much to do in Bali, but not now. I just wanted to concentrate on this two places.

Denpansar Airport, even their airport has a touch of Balinese architecture. ❤


upon arriving, we went to the airport taxi stand. It is located at the left side of the airport’s exit. Airport taxis are a bit expensive compare to other taxis but I feel much safer riding one since I’m not really familiar with the place.

Hard Rock Hotel, I really like the pools of this hotel. This hotel is very accessible to all – beach, shopping area, malls, restaurants. And they have the nicest staff ever! very accommodating and very friendly. I will definitely miss this place.


We arrived too early. we are not yet allowed to check in. We wanted to stroll around and buy “pasalubong” while waiting. But weather is very very hot because Oct is Bali’s hottest month. I find it hard to explore the whole place specially the beach area. So we decided  to explore later and just go to a nearby department store and buy some stuff for our mom and my cousins.. I don’t have a picture of the department store, I was too busy shopping >.<

Back to Hard Rock


the hallway


roses and chocolates for me ^_^ (chocolates not in the picture)


My husband was actually kind of sick. So we didn’t really make the best out of this hotel. T_T We only went out of the room after he rested for a few hours.

day bed ^_^


They have this pool that can only be used by their  guest who booked a pool access room. but I didn’t had the time to swim there and I don’t know why I forgot to take picture of that pool.  >.< I only took picture of this plunge pool beside it >.<


in front of the main pool


part of the main pool. They have the biggest pool in Bali. I am enjoying the view so much that I really forgot to take pictures while the sun is still up. I have night pictures and it’s all fail. haha. I’m too lazy to use my SLR and I haven’t learn how to use my s4zoom properly..


Since I wasn’t really a good blogger and photographer for this trip (my passion for photography actually died during this trip). My pictures doesn’t really show how magnificent this place is, let me grab some pictures from Hard Rock Bali’s main site –> http://bali.hardrockhotels.net/index.php



after looking at the amenities, we decided to go to the beach area. By this time, it’s not as hot anymore.

So many people at the kuta beach. For people who doesn’t like too much crowd, they better go to Nusa Dua, Uluwatu or Ubud instead.


Kuta, Legian and Seminyak’s beach is actually good for surfing, look at this wave! So if you are looking for a calmer one, go to Nusa Dua. Somebody told me the beach is calmer there but I really do not know because we never went there. Uluwatu is situated above the cliff. so most of the resorts there don’t have beach access. Ubud on the other hand is in the mountain, good for nature lover.

I wanted to surf but not today. and not on that part! haha.


They also have a nice mall nearby. (arghh why we didn’t see this mall a while ago) The beach walk


the view from 2nd floor of the mall


I was actually amazed by this havaianas vendo machine.


Bali sunset ❤


Hard Rock at night


My husband doesn’t want to swim. I don’t want to swim alone but I have no choice T_T. I don’t want to have regrets later.

night swimming




Dinner by the pool. Free romantic dinner at the cabana by Hard Rock ❤


Our cabana for the night =)


Day 2

breakfast. My husband is getting better, not as sick as the day before.


surf boards =D


swimming before transferring to Seminyak area


It is around 9.30am and we find it very hot already. I am used to Philippines’ hot weather, but I can not take Bali’s hotness. Next time I will come back here, definitely not on the month of Oct. >.< This is the reason why we only swim on the shaded part of the pool. =))


one last shot in the pool area before going home. my waterproof camera is having a moist problem. that is why most of our shot is blurred during swimming time. Time to buy a new one >.<


There are temples everywhere in Bali. Almost every resort have one too. The one at my back is Hard Rock Bali’s temple.


There are so many kind of guitar/bass display here in Hard Rock. This one is Bon Jovi’s. There are also Fenders everywhere. ❤ Fender is one of my dream guitar, but it is too pricey. The most cheap model that I saw cost around 20k to 25k php.


transferred to Seminyak/Legian area. The taxi that was given to us is not a blue bird taxi. (Blue Bird taxis are the most honest taxi here in Bali). I am good in directions that is why I knew that the driver went to a long way before dropping us in the Ananta Hotel. I knew that we passed some places several times. But I decided not to complain, we are in a different country and a less than 100 peso difference is not worth the time.

Ananta Legian – This hotel is located at the end of Legian area. just a walk away and you are in Seminyak already.


our pool access room. It is nice to have a pool access room because you can go to the pool area anytime you want.


the view from the edge of the pool


the other side


at the side of the pool.. nobody wants to swim on the sunny side of the pool =))


Seminyak Beach – not as crowded as the Kuta beach area ^_^


it turned out that I forgot my waterproof camera back at hard rock hotel. since we wanted to explore the place, we decided to walk from seminyak to kuta area. It was a bad idea for it took us about an hour and a half to get to hard rock.  hahaha And no, I don’t want to walk again. So we took taxi going back. hahaha =D

dinner back at Seminyak. I was so amazed by the restaurants in the beach area. So we decided to try it. I so love the ambiance of the place. The food is also nice. we tried this Italian restaurant. (Sorry I can’t remember the name of the restaurant)


Fireworks while having dinner ❤ so romantic. ^_~


Day 3

Breakfast at the hotel. We need to wake up earlier than the usual because I booked a tour to Uluwatu temple. I wasn’t suppose to book a tour but because we are in Bali, I think we should visit at least 1 famous temple and I picked Uluwatu temple. We could go to the other temple next time =)


Since we are visiting a temple. It would be better if you wear a longer dress. Although if you didn’t bring one they will let you wear a “sarong” skirt. Same with the boys, if their shorts is too short, they will be wearing a sarong skirt too. If you are wearing the right outfit, you will be asked to wear a yellow belt.

In the entrance of this temple, they are selling bananas for the monkeys. If you want the monkeys to go near you buy one. But be careful of your belongings. Usually they snatch shiny or interesting things from people. If you don’t want the monkeys to go near you, do not buy banana.



the view from the temple


look how beautiful this cliff is. I can truly enjoy mountains/cliffs if it is beside a beach. =))


the details of the carvings are awesome


the view from the left side of the cliff overlooking the temple.



monkeys on my side!! so many of them here at the temple ^_^


Saying goodbye to Uluwatu temple. We didn’t stay long enough. I can’t take the heat anymore. The hottest day ever!


After eating lunch. We tried to go to the rooftop. and of course it is still hot up there. So I just take some shots then go back to the pool.


the view from the rooftop


someone is hiding from the sun ;p


while waiting for the sun to go down, had snacks at the pool side


When it is not that hot anymore. I tried surfing on Bali waves. I didn’t tried the higher waves. I chickened out =))


its getting dark already. my last few ride.


night swimming =) I’m sorry for the poor quality of the photos. >.<



dinner at another Italian Restaurant


Day 4

We have a flight early in the morning. We have to be at the airport by 6am. Since the breakfast buffet is not yet opened by 5am. The hotel staff packed breakfast to go for us. Including dessert and drinks. So nice of them to do that =)

At the plane, I really love this mountain. Will really go back another time to explore this island.



For my whole trip. I prefer our stay at Kuta area. Seminyak is a bit quiet for me >.<




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