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2013 May – Cebu

Our first honeymoon ❤ We were so focus on preparing for our wedding that we forgot to book for our honeymoon. >.< Plane tickets to Cebu is always cheap (Thank you cebu pacific =D) So we decided to go there. =) There are so many nice resort in Mactan area that I find it hard to pick which one to stay. I’m okay with hotel hopping so in the end we picked Plantation Bay and Imperial Palace ❤ (Thank You Dar for the booking <3)

Day 1

Plantation Bay has a free shuttle to and from Mactan Cebu International Airport. Hassle free for the tourists. You just need to go to their booth at the airport and show them your reservation. =)


Plantation Bay is a really big resort, 11 hectares to be exact. But they have free shuttle inside the resort for those who are lazy to walk from one place to another. It is kind of cute that they made their shuttle looks like jeepneys. Perfect for foreigners who wanted to experience one without the hassle of going out of the resort.


We are not allowed to check in yet because we arrived a bit early. but we were allowed to roam around the resort already. Ate lunch inside the resort (Fiji Restaurant) while waiting to be checked in. Their food is amazing! not too pricey and very delicious. No need to go out of the resort to find cheaper restaurant.


the view at the Fiji Restaurant. (They have 4 restaurant/cafe inside the resort)


The plantation bay’s private beach.


Our bed ^_^ free wine for us =) We also have the biggest balcony ever! almost the size of our room. Too bad I can’t find my old phone’s sd card so I really can’t post the balcony picture here. Their rooms are of Filipino Culture theme. (Well actually, the whole resort itself has a Filipino Culture Theme) Some locals doesn’t like it. They think it’s old. But I’m fine with it =)


the view from our balcony. The swimming pool is really large! And look at that swing in the middle of the pool. There are other swings in the middle of the pool and many more on the sides. but that one is my favorite spot.  It is almost always occupied,  it’s kind of hard to get that spot. And it is also hard to get there unless you are very tall, that part is not shallow good thing I can swim while holding waterproof gadgets. =))


My favorite spot. The swing in the middle of the pool =D


at the lagoon area with the rooms at the back. Didn’t know that the poolside room are so cool. I should have booked that one instead. Our room is on the second floor with the big balcony on the left side. =)


In case the swings around the area are occupied. You can opt to stay in their day beds.


Sands at the side of their seawater lagoons, but the lagoons itself is cemented.


one of the freshwater pools. this one with jacuzzi installed at the sides.


tree house ^_^


plantation bay at night. Most of the pool are open at night. Each pools have different time for maintenance. So you can swim inside the resort for 24 hours ^_^


dinner at Kilimanjaro Kafe.


Day 2

Most of the houses/rooms here are in the middle of the pool/man made lagoons.


free bike ride. my first time to ride this kind of bike. perfect for couple =D


Brunch at Kilimanjaro Kafe. the view is better at day time. the food is delicious as always. (They don’t have free breakfast)


goodbye plantation bay >.< will now transfer to Imperial Palace.


Hello Imperial Palace ^_^ free room upgrade for us. =D The view is breathtaking ❤

This resort is very expensive. almost the same price as the marina bay sands in Singapore. This resort is nice but with the price I paid, I’m not sure if it is worth it. Or maybe this resort caters more for foreigners (especially Koreans) that is why it is very expensive. When you stay here, it’s like you are staying in Korea. Almost all guests are Koreans.


claiming our free welcome drinks


We roam around first taking picture of the view. but I used my old phone to take pictures around Imperial Palace. Since I can’t find my old SD Card. Most of the pictures are now missing. The only pictures that I transferred to my pc are those from my waterproof cam and SLR.

Getting ready to swim ^_^




swimming time =)


These slides have weight limit. too bad my husband wasn’t allowed to use the slides here in Imperial Palace.


snorkeling (free use of snorkels and life vest)



the beach


dinner. Food here is very expensive. Taste is okay, but not as delicious as the one from Plantation Bay.


the view at night.


Day 3

Free buffet breakfast is great! so many food choices.


at the balcony. Rest until we checked out. We were so tired from all the preparation for the wedding.


Goodbye Imperial Palace


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