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2013 Aug – Hongkong and Macau

Me and my husband’s first out of country together. =)

Few days ago, a storm passed by Hongkong. Most of the stores were closed because it is really a powerful storm. good thing when we arrive here, the storm left already. It isn’t sunny yet but at least it only drizzle once in a while.

Day 1


visited my friend Jenny and her baby Jacob.


thank you for the lunch Jenny ^_^


day 1 is basically my window shopping day. Went to Time Square to look for these Gundam. It will be here for a certain time only.


Mongkok at night. Someone likes tsao tou fu. Still eeeww for me. >.<


My all time favorite yang rou or the lambchops. Yes they have it here in mongkok. ^_^


Day 2 – Ocean Park. I was thinking of cancelling our trip to ocean park because it was raining early in the morning. good thing the rain has stopped.


Dolphins ❤


Pandas. The real panda here was sleeping in a corner. I didn’t take pictures anymore. The other pandas I don’t know where they are, only 1 panda was left inside


the cable car going to the other side of the Ocean Park.


someone is enjoying this remote controlled boat.


one of my favorite spot here in Ocean Park. the very long escalator =))


my favorite ride at the back


Will always love this ride no matter how old I get. =D


someone is tired already. >.< going back to the other side using the train because very long queue at the cable car.


Goodbye Ocean Park ^_^



Day 3 – Macau

Tickets going to Macau the whole morning was sold out already when we got to the ferry station. So we have no choice but to get the afternoon ride.

As far as I remember this pic was inside the ferry going to Macau.


Hello Macau ^_^


It was raining. So no chance of sight seeing in the city itself. Might as well go indoor and visit Venetian Macau instead.


The forever 5pm ambiance of Venetian Macau’s interior.


Gondola ride ❤


lol at the photobomber at the back. =))


going back is such a hassle as we need to fall in line for the shuttle bus for like an hour to go back to the pier. We were almost late in our ferry ride going back to HK.

back in HK, meet up with Jesmin and Jenny ^_^ dinner at Crystal Jade


Day 4

The avenue of stars area



we were stuck in somewhere in tsim sha tsui for a few hours because of the heavy rain. In the end, we decided to just walk in the rain or else we will be late for our flight back to Manila.

turns out that our flight was delayed for 5 hours because of the heavy rain in Manila


back in Manila, we stayed for another hour or two inside the plane because of heavy rain.




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