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2013 April – Bicol

We booked our plane ticket to bicol before we planned our wedding. Me and my fiance are actually thinking of cancelling this trip because it is kind of close to our wedding date and of course.. budget.. =( But I feel bad about cancelling since we already booked the ticket going to Naga. Checked our budget, I think we can go but can only stay for the first 2 to 3 days. =) Then will ride the bus going back to Manila since we don’t have a return plane ticket.

At the airport


our shuttle ^_^ c/o villa caceres =)


at the lobby. I think this one is going to the CWC. to be honest I can’t remember anything else on our Day 1 except for the CWC. T_T (photo from Merrick Tan)


Hello CWC! =) my first wakeboard night ride. day ride is still the best although the positive side about night ride is no sunburn for me =D



group shots after our night ride



Day 2 – Pasacao

lunch at the resort (photo by Merrick Tan)


getting ready for our bangka ride


Our floating cottage. Since there are no shades part at the island we are going, we decided to rent this floating cottage. If we go by boat only, it’s going to be very hot. The boat will tow this cottage until we reach the part where we can snorkel. ^_^


The boat is towing our cottage =D


snorkel time ❤


(Another photo from Merrick Tan)


Before going back to the hotel, we pass by the bus station so that me and rich could get a ticket going back to Manila. But all the bus for that night is fully booked. So we need to extend 1 more day before we can go back to Manila. Our budget permits us from staying longer than 3 days.  And we also have meetings with our wedding suppliers in the next few days. Need to prioritize our wedding. >.<

DJC halo halo at night


Day 3 – My friends will now be transferring to Legaspi area. I am thinking if we should go with them then ride bus from Legaspi or stay at Naga. But if we go to legaspi its going to be + 2 hours.. then +2 hours again for going back to Manila. So me and rich decided to stay at Naga. Since we are already checked out at the hotel and don’t have any place to go. We decided to stay at CWC the whole morning ❤

look at those floaters. ❤


CWC in the morning. That is Mt. Isarog at the back. We are kind of lucky because most of the time that mountain is covered with clouds. Today it is so visible from CWC. ^_^


falling in line at the big lake. the girl at my back became my buddy.. we are both beginners here at the big lake =D using the free board is kind of hard in this lake either. I suddenly miss my board >.<


while waiting for our bus ride..



In this trip, we only experienced the Naga part. Didn’t even see the Mayon volcano because it is in Legaspi. My friends even went to misibis bay resort (one of my bucket list). hopefully one of this days I get to visit Legaspi and Misibis Bay. >.<

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