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2013 Feb – Laoag

My 2nd trip to Laoag ^_^ Found a nice Laoag travel deal in CashCashPinoy. We decided to get it since it’s really cheap. We wanted to travel by land at first. But remembering my last Laoag trip traveled by land for 8 hours, I don’t want to do it again. =)) And since plane tix going to Laoag are always cheap. We decided to travel by air.

Manila airport waiting for our flight.


Hello Laoag!


Corals at Pangil beach area.


My fiance showed us some of the tourist spot up north. The kapurpurawan rock formation.


at the back of the rock formation. Feels like you are in a different country =D


This one is also at the back of the rock formation. Almost everyone is so focus on the rock formation itself that almost no one appreciate the view at the back. But this view caught my eyes  ❤


The windmill. It is so windy to the point that my camera is starting to moist. That is why the pictures at the rock formation and here at the windmill is kind of blurry.


Dinner! boodle fight (can’t find pix with the food) Thanks ahya Henson for the dinner ^_^


Day 2 – The free sand dunes experience from the voucher

morning swim while waiting for our ride


pass by Paoay Church before going to La Paz sand dunes


4×4 ride ^_^



Since we are already here at the sand dunes area. We also decided to ride the atv.



And of course, sand boarding =D Thank you derrick for this photo. I so love this ❤


Day 3 – There are 2 “secret” falls in Burgos area. The tanap avis and the kaangrian falls. But time won’t permit us to visit the 2 falls in one day. We decided to try to go to the tanap avis.

The hike begins


look at the path that we need to pass in order to reach the falls. definitely not safe for the kids.

IMG_3093 IMG_3106


here at last! This part is where we cliff dive.


They said there are still falls up ahead, we tried to see if we can see few more falls up there. while hiking, I found a place perfect for a group shot ^_^


the second falls


The people from around here told us that there are more at the top, but the path going up is not camera friendly. You need to have a waterproof one because you are going to hike in a waist deep river. So we decided that this will be our last stop.

Before going back, we pass by the lighthouse but it was close.


Dinner before going back to Manila ^_^


still so much more to explore here in Ilocos Norte area. will try to come back once in a while ^_^



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