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2011 Aug – Fontana (Day Tour)

Our friend from Taiwan came back to the Philippines so we decided to have another outing. We decided to take him to Fontana clubhouse. I’ve been to this place numerous times and I really love the ambiance of this place.

Before going to the resort, we try to find the best sisig in Angeles area. Aling Lucing the sisig queen. It is just a small eatery in a nearby street but its so famous to the point that even celebrities visits this place. And we were not disappointed, the best sisig indeed. ❤


hello Fontana ^_^ There are two water parks inside. The Fontana water theme park and the Fontana Clubhouse. I prefer the clubhouse over the theme park.


The view inside the clubhouse. They have a Venetian Macau type ceiling. its forever 5pm inside ^_^


the first pool that we tried inside is this heated pool, very relaxing.


They also have this anti-aging pool area. (sorry about my camera, the lens is foggy I do not know why T_T)


isn’t this lovely? =D


the boys trying the cold pool.. I don’t like cold pool T_T


group pictures ^_^




the spa area.. very relaxing.


They have the clearest pool ever! perfect for underwater shots


this place will always be one of my favorite resort near Manila. ^_^


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